A Variety of Unique Tastes

We grow a large selection of premium apples and pears, direct from our New Zealand orchards, and our innovative growers are always looking to develop new varieties to appeal to a range of consumer tastes.

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Exclusive to Golden Bay Fruit
Exclusive to Golden Bay Fruit
Exclusive to Golden Bay Fruit & Next Generation Apples


Before our apples are even picked they have been cared for with the highest quality standard. From pruning in crisp September mornings, to picking and delivery around the world, every step of the fruits’ journey is completed to the best agricultural practices. Our vertical integration and transparent processes mean you get the best quality, no matter what the season.


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Introducing…. Posh™!

Introducing Posh™, New Zealand’s glass of bubbly in apple form. Elegant, crisp and honey-kissed, Posh™ has...