Zespri® RubyRed™


Smooth, light to dark brown skin colour with an oval shape.


Dark berry red flesh around the core lightening to a soft red towards the skin.


Discover one of nature’s true delights! Its vibrant red flesh and tempting berry flavours, Zespri RubyRed™ is high in antioxidants and is the irresistible treat that loves you back!

When can I find Zespri® RubyRed™?

Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit is seasonally available from April – June* each year.

*Subject to changes

How to use Zespri® RubyRed

Delicious eaten by cutting in half and spooning out the flesh, or sliced or chopped into a range of recipes like granola parfait, salads or deserts.


The exclusive Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit is the latest variant to come through Zespri’s world-leading kiwifruit breeding programme, in partnership with Plant & Food Research. It’s been through an extensive trial process, ensuring each fruit is of the highest quality, and it is delicious in every bite. Brought from the orchards in New Zealand, to your fruit bowl.

Health & Nutrition

Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit contains antioxidants such as anthocyanins that are naturally occurring pigments within the fruit giving the fruit its red colour and research has shown that anthocyanins can contribute to improved mood and wellbeing. That’s 100% natural goodness packed in one little fruit!


Storage Tips

Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit must be handled with care, due to its delicate skin and softer flesh. While sunlight is an integral ingredient in growing our fruit, it is not wanted to keep them fresh. Store both unripe and ripened kiwifruit at one or two degrees Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit).

If they are very firm, you can place them on the counter to ripen, but avoid unusual heat and direct sunlight. Zespri RubyRed™ ripen very quickly, so don’t forget about them!

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