We believe transparency and communication are as much part of the buying process as choosing which of our delicious varieties best suit your market.

Even before a single fruit is harvested, our team of growers and marketers sit down with customers to discuss volumes, pack types and delivery time frames.

Once complete, we set out a detailed variety planner showing customer, pack type and delivery requirements. Combining this information with our collective experience, the team tailor a seasonal programme designed to ensure the unique needs of each customer are catered to and every order is delivered on time and on spec.

Our export team is based in the same building as the packhouse. No suits in a distant city here. They work between the orchards, the packhouse, our customers and our offsite team members to ensure the right apples get to the right place at the right time, meeting all customer and industry requirements.

We are only 40 minutes from Port Nelson and this proximity means our relationships are also close. We know our shippers personally and this helps smooth the way for our fruit to leave on time and in top condition.

Pre-Covid we had a dedicated weekly shipping service and we continue to work closely with the port and our shippers to overcome the challenges of the global pandemic.


Our hands-on approach sets us apart in the New Zealand market, and means we are closer to what’s important to our customers.