Tesco Nurture

Golden Bay Fruit is proud to have achieved Tesco Nurture Gold Standard – the highest possible accreditation from this giant UK supermarket chain.

Tesco Nurture is a standard required for producers supplying Tesco with fresh fruit, vegetable and salad products. Suppliers are audited annually.

Nurture was launched in 1992, to ensure that Tesco provides quality fruit and vegetables for its customers. This exclusive quality standard assures the customer that Tesco’s fruit and vegetables are grown in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. Each producer is subject to separate audits and they are regularly monitored to make sure that they continue to comply with the demanding standards.

The Tesco Nurture standard concentrates on the implementation at the operation of technical management, from the reproduction material (seeds and plantlets), the supplies used and their management, taking into account environmental factors, the workers at the operation and above all foodstuff safety; irrigation, fertilisation and plant protection items; lastly the handling of the fruit and vegetable produce, with the possibility of the scope of the certification including only the management of the operation or reaching as far as the finished product at the handling centre.

The environmental criteria of the Nurture protocol are based on the following aspects:

  • Rational usage of plant protection products, fertilisers and manures.
  • Prevention of contamination.
  • Protection of human health.
  • Usage of power, water and other natural resources.
  • Recycling and reuse of material.
  • Conservation and improvement of the landscape and flora and fauna.

Tesco Nurture has three levels of certification, Gold, Silver and Bronze.