A unique vertically integrated fruit growing company

Each season our team mastermind a plan for the season. It is a detailed approach that allows us to provide unrivalled transparency and that distinct Golden Bay taste.




Situated at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, in Motueka, Golden Bay Fruit is home to over 750 hectares of apple orchards and over 100 hectares of kiwifruit.

Our orchards are GlobalG.A.P. and Tesco Nurture certified to ensure the best agricultural practices.

Growing season starts with a crisp spring that dawns in September. Our team prepare for the season ahead by pruning and setting trees and vines. As sunshine hours and temperatures rise, our trees and vines start to produce the green tissues required to grow and feed the coming fruit. 

As spring turns to summer, in December, our trees and vines begin to flower and bees are introduced into the orchards to  pollinate the apples and kiwifruit. Once pollination has been completed, the next 30 days are critical to the fruit end characteristics. 

Warm weather is required now to produce a clean and well-sized fruit. Over summer our orchards are managed using a balanced irrigation plan to ensure our trees and vines receive the hydration they need, while conserving the amount water we use.



To ensure the freshness of our fruit, we have drawn on generations of experience to refine our cool chain process.

From the orchards, our fruit is delivered to one of our Golden Bay Fruit cool stores that are located in the central Motueka area. Our process ensures that apples are harvested one day and immediately put into cool store the next. All bins are labelled with the growers details, variety, pick date and GlobalGap number. 

From the cool store, we move the fruit efficiently through our pack houses, where the fruit is sorted, graded – optically and by weight, before being packed to order for our customers. Once it has been packed, the fruit is pre-cooled and returned to our cool stores, ready for export.

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Before a single fruit is harvested, our team of growers and marketers sit down with customers to discuss volumes, pack types and delivery time frames. 

Once this has been completed we set out a detailed variety planner that shows customer, pack type and delivery requirements. Combining this information with our collective experience, our team tailor a seasonal programme that is designed to ensure the unique needs of each customer are catered to and every order is delivered on time and on spec.

Golden Bay Fruit Apples Marketing


When you partner with Golden Bay Fruit you are working directly with the growers – it’s a hands on approach that makes us unique in the New Zealand market.

Our business was founded by a collective of like-minded growers with the know-how and determination to consistently deliver a premium, delicious fruit to customers while optimising returns at the orchard gate.

To achieve this, we have structured our business to close the gap between the grower and the end customer by maximising precision and efficiency along each step of the supply chain. For our customers, this means that when you partner with Golden Bay Fruit, you are working with the team that can influence outcomes on the orchard. It is a truly direct, open approach based on genuine, honest relationships.


Golden Bay Fruit in the World


Golden Bay Fruit exports to over 20 different countries throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our customers include major global retailers, importers-distributors and wholesalers.

Constantly committed and customer focused, GBF is now operating 3 offices across the globe to provide an always better service.