Growing with our eyes on our future

Sustainability, in simplest terms, it is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.
— Heath Wilkins, Founding Partner & CEO

Sustainability – or sustainable development – as reported by some of the most recognized organizations in the world has been defined in many ways, but all definitions commonly meet on 3 majors pillars, the same being the founding principles of Golden Bay Fruit (GBF) ’s Golden Sustainability from the very first days of its creation:

Environmental Protection (Orchards) | Social Progress (Communities)| Economic and Technological Development (Packing station)

As we do want to ensure what we do is responsible and sustainable towards our planet and our communities, every single day, our “Green team” is making sure our policies and standards in place across our farming and packing operations are appropriate and aligned with our commitments to leave to future generations a land as good as we possibly can.


Environmental Protection


A need for conservation and protection

Because this is where we come from, we must care for the land we rely on to grow quality fruit. We are looking every day at ways in which we can conserve natural resources and protect remaining environments.

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Social Progress


Developing a sustainable society

A sustainable society is founded on equal access to health care, nutrition and clean water, shelter, education and employment. This mostly sounds to be an ideal society. But at Golden Bay Fruit, we do want to contribute to reach this ideal because our employees are like our family.

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Economic and Technological Development

[Packing station]

Advances in sustainable technology and development

Committed from the very first days in creating a sustainable business for future generations to come, we are at Golden Bay Fruit among the one believing that new technologies and infrastructures, built with environmentally sound practices, can support a sustainable, healthy economy and development.