The best place in the world to grow fruit

Thanks to its truly oceanic island environment, free from pollution and main pests & diseases, abundant water and pure soil, New Zealand’s top of the South Island is definitely the best place in the world to grow premium fruit.



Golden Bay

You have probably imagined a bay like ours. The name says it all. The golden sun streams onto the tranquil turquoise water, soft golden sand and lush native rainforests. But what does that have to do with growing the best apples in the world? The answer - Everything.

Growing has always been in our blood, it is something that runs deep in this corner of the world. Today Golden Bay Fruit is home to over 750 hectares of apple orchards and over 100 hectares of kiwifruit.


Nelson / Motueka

Golden Bay Fruit’s orchards are nestled on the plains between the serene beaches of Golden Bay and the rugged Takaka Hills.

It is a unique eco-system with a temperate climate. Our season dawns in spring, with the sun waking the soil from the cool winter, and an average spring rainfall of 330 mm. The long days of the Golden Bay summer balance 740 hours of sunshine with sea breezes from the bay – providing the perfect conditions for our fruit to ripen.

While you may yet to have experienced our bay in person – we want every piece of Golden Bay Fruit to bring you a slice of our pure, New Zealand paradise.