A need for conservation and protection

As growers, sustainability is a way of life. Balancing tradition and innovation, we strive to grow quality fruit while conserving resources for future generations. From the Integrated Pest Management (IPM), water and soil conservation to the waste management, learn more about the first pillar of our Golden Sustainability.

Apple leaf midge

- Integrated Pest Management -

At Golden Bay Fruit, we actively utilize Integrated Pest Management – also known as IPM – in our orchards to reduce the frequency, application and overall usage of pesticides. It allows us to monitor pests and diseases to ensure thresholds are not exceeded. Software assist us all along providing information on the best times to apply control agents, optimising inputs and reducing environmental impact.

The parasitic wasp is also one great example of how IPM works in an orchard. This wasp is the main predator of the leaf roller pest, which loves to bother apples. When spring comes, the beneficial insect (wasp) will usually come and easts the pest (leaf roller).

As one of the starting points of the life cycle, we make sure all our orchard managers are trained in IPM today.

- Water and soil conservation -

Thanks to the exceptional proximity to the beautiful Motueka river, all our orchards are fully irrigated in the most natural way. Truly grateful to what Mother Nature has given to us, we have great respect for water.

As part of our Water Conservation Practices (WCP), we cooperate with horticulture experts to closely monitor on daily basis number of parameters – such as weather, soil moisture, fruit maturity – using computer-based technology. This real-time data allows our orchard managers to make the right decisions on how and when to water the orchard from anywhere and at any time.

Combined with nutrition tests to know how much nutrients our trees need, watering the right amount at the right time ensures nutrients get to the trees’ roots, rather than being leached through the soil.

We use drippers and micro-sprinklers type irrigation to eliminate excess water application. Such direct irrigation applications actually increase irrigation efficiency compared with an overhead irrigation system. We also use the micro-sprinklers to deliver nutrients to our trees. Fertigation feeds trees’ nutrients through the watering system is actually the most effective way to ensure trees get the right amount of fertilizer.

Water is essential to us.
— Heath Wilkins, Founding Partner & CEO
Water Management


- Waste management -

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